People directing NEHHAS - FAB

Dr Richard Whaley B.Sc., Ph.D.
Field & School Director

Held offices in the Society for over 25 years. Project Leader for Roman Roads, Saxon Charter Solution, Stuart Mansion House, Local Pottery, Iron Age & Bronze Age fortifications, and developed geophysical methods for local societies. Directed over 40 excavations. Author of: Society Journal Vol 2 Crondall Saxon Charter; Vol 3 Winchester - London Roman Road; Vol 7 Roman Road to Exeter in Dorset; Vol 8 Winchester - Chichester Roman Road; and articles in CBA regional news, Britannia and others; Editor Roman Road Abstracts. By profession he works in the future dimension as a business forecaster and Strategic Planning consultant, and in these roles held management education positions in several multi-national corporations. Has over 40 years research experience since gaining a Ph.D. in physics from University of Exeter. Chairman Hampshire Archaeological Committee 1999 - 2007. Elected Associate of the Institute of Field Archaeology 2008 (middle professional grade).

Simon Kinghorn B.A., M.A.
Deputy Field Director

Has a BA (Hons) in History & Archaeology from Birkbeck, and an MA in Classical History. He has excavated in Romania/Dacia and has 10 years experience with Berkbeck and FAB. He works in IT.

Katie Witherington B.A.

She has a BA (Hons) in Archaeology & Pre-history. She is a Young Archaeologist Club Leader, with 9 years Archaeology experience. She works in the Civil Service.

Clare Gillett
Public Relations

Has a diploma in Archaeology from Birkbeck, and is an Affiliate of the Institute of Field Archaeology. She works in an architects' practice involved in the conservation & restoration of buildings - including researching their history. She has 11 years experience with Birkbeck, FAB and Bexley Archaeology Group.

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