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Roman Road Research & Excavations

The machine excavations at the Roman site thought to be CLAUSENTUM by A32 at Exton found over May - September 2021 further evidence of the Street Grid and Roman Road Lanes and other features being evaluated

Machine excavations on the Winchester - Chichester Roman Road will continue on Bank Holiday weekends from Easter - June 2022. They may continue over the August Bank Holiday depending on the field cropping, or we may return to Beacon Hill. Here we will excavate the wide 40' Lane, having previously excavated the two smaller lanes. An oil pipe line is being cut across all the Lanes in this region, and we are making records of the findings in the machine trench.

Three sites have been established where substantial remains have been found. In addition evidence has been found at each excavation of a Roman settlement, and work will be undertaken on these.

We will return to the Winchester - London Roman Road in September 2022.

On the May Bank Holidays 2019 we completed the excavation of one of our Roman Road lanes as it enters the LIDAR grid of what we think is the Roman settlement of CLAUSENTUM by A32. The rammed chalk of a Street Grid was also found, buried deeply under stonework which formed an Edge or Quay to a water feature.

The August Bank Holiday 2019 dig found one of the Principal Street Grids, which runs on the remains of a large Causeway which would have crossed the flood plain of the river Meon - and caused the water feature. See this Site's Page.

For 2021 the farmer has kindly offered to cut a machine trench over two Grid Lines and two Roman Road Lanes. Trials in March 2019 showed it was possible to remove much of the soils above the archaeology, and part of the northern Roman Road Lane was uncovered and its construction examined. The 'flue lock-down prevented the Easter 2021 dig, the late May dig found the rest of the Northern Roman Road lane, and its side ditch. A deep round pit had been dug into the chalk possibly 5 Roman feet in diameter which is being evaluated.

Dig Details. Visit on-line dig information and Booking Form for 2022.

Experienced and novice excavators welcome. A training course is available.

Survey slams Field Schools including Universities

Less than 20% of students get to draw a Section, less get to do other common tasks according to a recent survey. Yet all people coming on our dig will help to draw a section and do other tasks. We have written an article showing how we do it, and why professionally run field schools fail to provide these experiences.

Fieldwork over the Autumn, Winter and Spring

There will be field work on Roman Roads from Winchester to London and Chichester, generally on Saturdays or Sundays. The Chichester Road survey has reached the Meon Valley and Old Winchester Hill. It was found that the Iron Age Hill Fort there had extensive outer defences. We are now looking at Caesar's Camp near Farnham - where similar evidence has been found - See the Caesar's Camp page. To join the Email Field Programme, Email us through Contact Us button above.

New Projects

New Project launched is Roman Road Winchester - Chichester which is being mapped from Winchester to the county boundary. It is turning out to be a huge two or three lane highway. Excavations started towards Winchester in 2014. Other Roman Roads round Winchester are being examined - some are showing multi-lanes. Visit the New Projects site for details of these and others - and sign-up for projects which interest you. See the Projects and Contact Us Buttons at the top of the page.

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